Sunday, July 21, 2019


I'm back!  Thanks for joining me.  So, only three posts in (four including this one) and I think I am loving this blogging thing.  Who Knew?  I didn't.  I have spent the day in my craft room both cleaning and creating....and I received a special delivery yesterday.  I was too busy yesterday to even open the boxes.  I barely got them inside my front door.  The delivery person rang the doorbell and by the time I walked the 10 steps to open the door he was already in his truck and driving away.   How is this possible?  Do they run sprints in their spare time so they can get back to their trucks faster?   All I know is, that dude was fast.

I have no affiliation with this company except for the fact that I willingly give them money for their products.   Do you have any of these products?  Do you love them?  I have been wanting their paper shelves for a long time and I finally bit the bullet and ordered them.  Now this is not to say that all of my card stock and designer series paper are organized yet.  But the shelves are unboxed, boxes broken down and in the recycling bin, and the shelves are stacked on top of each other.   

Let me just say, I can hardly wait to get all of my card stock and designer series paper in these.  Unfortunately,  I didn't order enough.  When I was calculating how many different card stocks and designer series papers I have I forgot to add in Shimmery white card stock, Vellum card stock, WaterColor paper, and all of the current In Colors!  Who forgets those?  I'm not sure what I was thinking but I miscalculated and now I need to order another shelf.  Someday I will have everything organized.  Someday.

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