Monday, July 22, 2019

I'm Learning to Blog

Ok, so tonight I am meeting up with some friends of mine and we are going to try to master this blogging thing. Not so much the writing part of it, we can all do that, I think, haha! But the rest of it, widgets, gadgets, layouts, links, videos...oh my there are so many things to learn.

 I am always willing to learn new things and so here I am delving into the world of blogging. I am not even sure who reads these?   Hopefully you and many other people.  I know I have read blogs before but honestly I have never been die hard blog reader.  Does that make sense?  I search for recipes and end up on someone's blog.  How fantastic is that?!  Someone took the time to share a recipe that either they created or was handed down in their family.  They wrote about it, typed it up, took photos or videos and shared it with me.  I love that.  I made dinner tonight using a recipe I found on a blog.
 That is why I am starting this new adventure.

Messy desk photo just so you know I'm working hard on my next project! 😏

I want to share my creativity with anyone searching for it.  Need to know how to make  a fun birthday card?  Come to my blog.  Need to know how to make an elegant birthday card?  Come to my blog.  Need to know how to do something as simple as cleaning your rubber stamps?  Come to my blog, I'll have you covered.  It's not all here yet...but it will be.  As I work each day to make my blog bigger and better.  

I am even planning to offer online classes!  Who's excited about that?  I know I am!  Not sure what I am calling them yet.  Classes to Go, Classes at Home, Video Classes...I'm still working on coming up with a name.  But I promise they will be coming soon.  In the meantime if you want to check out the amazing products I use to create my cards and paper crafting projects go here:

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