Thursday, July 25, 2019

Looking Up All Inclusive Card Kit


Today I finished a kit that I had started about a month ago, June 19th to be exact.  It is the Looking Up All Inclusive Card Kit.  I can only say good things about this kit, ONLY GOOD THINGS!  

The Reasons I LOVE this kit:
  • Everything is included in this kit, even a stamping block for your stamps and a Bermuda Bay Ink Spot....I think I might have used Coastal Cabana ink in my video, OOOPS!
  • You can finish this kit in record time, if you sit down and do it.......don't set it aside for a month.
  • It comes with 15 cards and envelopes- FIFTEEN!  That means you have 15 cards for Birthdays or other special occasions ready when you need them.
  • This kit is simple enough that you can finish it with your kiddos if you like.  I think you should try it and see how it goes!
  • Did I mention that the envelopes are just as pretty as the cards?  They are decorated and lined!!
  • The Copper/Rose Gold Foil stickers are absolutely stunning...and you will have leftovers to use on other projects!
  • And as with any all-inclusive kit, you have a stamp set to add to your collection, does it get any better than that?
Ok, enough of me bragging about this kit, Let me show you the finished cards.

What do you think?  Gorgeous, right?!  I think so too.  I have to be honest, I think I know which one is my favorite and then I look at the others and realize I can't choose.  I love them all.  

You can put the kit together following along with my videos.  I have two videos because like I said earlier, I started about a month ago, made the mistake of setting this kit aside, and I just finished it today.  Whew!  I'm glad I decided to get it back out and work on it.  Now I am stocked with birthday cards for when I need them!

Video One: Hot Air Balloon Card and Cityscape Card

Video Two: Tropical Card, Rain Drop Card, and Airplane Card

Here are the supplies needed to create these gorgeous cards! The Embossing Buddy is optional, I use it in video two in an unexpected way, check it out!
Product List

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