Thursday, November 14, 2019

OnStage Atlanta Trip -November 2019 Post 1 - All you need...


So, I am currently in Atlanta, Georgia.  OnStage Local is here on Saturday, it is Thursday evening now.  

I drove from my home in Florida to get here a day early.  I am attending an event that another demonstrator is hosting tomorrow.  I have heard that his day before OnStage events here in Atlanta are fun.  So I thought, why not, I will go!  I spent a little extra so I can  have some extra fun this week.  Makes sense to me!  LOL.

First things first, I think I blew out a couple of vocal cords on the drive here.  I like to sing loud when I'm in the car alone.  Loud and proud!  I'm sure the other drivers on the highway had their fair share of laughs as I drove past them.  I sing with my hands, shoulders, and all of my voice when I drive.  

After I got here I was glad to find my hotel easily and I am loving it.  I won't give away where I am staying, but I will say that I will stay here if I am ever in this area again.  

I mean, just look at this cute pillow that is in my room...I'm sure there is one in every room, but it could not be any truer.  Truer? more true?  More true I think is the proper way to say it.  Either way I say it, this pillow really speaks the truth to me.

And then there is the wall just off from the elevator on my floor.  Hmm, what do you think of this?  For some things absolutely less is definitely all I need.  But when it comes to stamping supplies, I can't make that claim.  Not truthfully anyway.  (Now I'm curious and I might have to go check out the other floors to see if they have different words of wisdom.)

For me, all I need is my family, my health, travel of course, my stamping & a glass of wine!  OH and singing loud & proud.   I think that is the most less I can be.  Most less, Lesser?  
Either way I say it, it's the truth.

I appreciate you being a part of my Stampin' Journey!

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