Saturday, November 16, 2019

OnStage Atlanta Trip - November 2019 - Post 3 - Like the life you Live


OnStage Local in Atlanta was today!  I had such good time!!!!  Have you seen any of my Facebook posts today?  If not, go and check them out.   

All in all there were 11 of us there from my up line's team, the Panhandle Pearls.  For the first time since I have been attending OnStage we needed two tables!  Woohoo!  We were there representing!  And we had a great time.  Of course when we first arrive we have to sign in.  I really should have taken a photo of the line for last names that started with was the longest.  Lots of Smiths.

When we sign in we get a goodie/swag bag.  It is always a bag that is useful!  I LOVE this about Stampin' UP!  So today was no exception, we got a gorgeous backpack.  Check it out!

Pretty, right?  And it has the Poppies on it!  Just like the January-June 2020 Mini catalog cover.  How gorgeous is this catalog!   Just wait until you get to see the inside!  I can't wait to mail you one in December!  If you are not on my catalog mailing list please email me at and ask to be added to my catalog mailing list!  It's that easy!

When I saw the cover of the catalog I was so excited, just plain excited.  Poppies are one of my favorite flowers...Poppies and Tulips to be exact.  Look what I got today...could the universe be screaming at me any louder?!

"Hello Valerie, your favorites! Everything is coming up roses...or poppies, or tulips!" LOL.  
I feel like the universe is letting me know that even though I have been a demonstrator for almost 2 years now, this year is my year.  Right?!  I am going to create more cards this year.  I am going to take my business to the next level.  I am going to earn an incentive trip.  I am going to inspire more people to start doing what they love, and sharing what they love.

I am going to keep doing what this hotel's inspirational wall is telling me to do...

I am going to keep liking the life I live.  Not only my personal life,  but my professional life too.  I love being a Stampin' UP! demonstrator.  I have made amazing friends and am part of a community of people who love & live to inspire others.  I can't imagine not doing this.  
Do you like the life you live?  

I appreciate you being a part of my Stampin' Journey!
I love & live to inspire you!

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